“The Jungle Moved” Ghost Recon: Wildlands Let’s You Kill the Predator!

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Ghost Recon Predator

That’s right. Those of you with your hands on this game are in for a real treat, but you must act fast.  This is currently available on all platforms: Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC gaming and is only up for a limited time.

A few months ago I got into Ghost Recon: Wildlands, the military tactical shooter game set in Bolivia. You and your fellow Ghosts are tasked with eradicating the Santa Blanca cartel by causing instability, and of course by assassinating their leaders. You do so while battling UNIDAD (Bolivian military) and strengthening the local rebel forces.

Well, in mid-December Ubisoft, the makers of the game, provided a free DLC patch allowing players to do something we haven’t been able to do in our modern day – kill the Predator.

You start off by heading to an area where a massacre of soldiers recently took place. The only survivor is a young woman who said “the jungle moved”. This is an obvious reference to the film, where a single female survivor states the same thing. As you investigate the surrounding area you come across horrors that would surely leave goosebumps on even the most seasoned operator. After about 10 minutes or so you reach the Predator and the fight till the death begins. If you go at this via the single-player option you will do so with three AI teammates. This is the route I went with the first time, and according to Ubisoft it is the hardest route. It took me four tries to finally slay the beast, and it ends in the epic fashion I was expecting. You can also fight the Predator via the co-op option, with up to four total players. I tried this with only one other person and found it significantly harder. So, if you can’t find a few friends to play along with you then I suggest you go with the single player and your AI buddies. It seems the more players you have, the more decoys there are for the Predator to target. It does take a while to kill him and he definitely ups the ante as he gets closer to death. I will say that while it is surely more fun to play with friends, if you play with the AI comrades they deliver direct quotes from the movie. As a horror / Yautja buff I would recommend going this route for the fandom, and you can also replay it with the co-op option.

Is the mission amazing? Maybe not. It is pretty linear and straight to the point. Is it fun as hell? It sure is. The developers definitely made me feel immersed in their open-world landscape and the Bolivian jungle is a death trap with its numerous dark shadows provided by the dense treetops. My advice: use thermal vision and you won’t have to worry about the Predator’s active camo as much.

On top of slaying the Predator you also unlock some cool appearance items, like Predator face paint (see below) and an awesome Predator variant of the eco-mask. There are additional unlocks, like Predator tattoos and a more devout Predator mask but those must be purchased.

In the end, I highly suggest you give this a go. Keep in mind there are only a few days left to play this as the DLC is only up for a limited time.

Killing the Predator Will Unlock

Dutch’s Cigar Unlock (with my Day of the Dead facepaint)


Predator facepaint


Predator bio mask


Predator mask comes with camo options