Wolfcop – 7

In Wolfcop - 7 by john

Director – Lowell Dean

Cast – Leo Fafard, Amy Matysio, Sarah Lind, Corinne Conley, Jonathan Cherry, Aidan Devine

Release Year – 2015

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Every year we have a horror film with an outlandish story heavy in badassery, and Wolfcop is one of those films. Much like Hobo With A Shotgun, we see some good gore with a simple but effective story whose sole purpose is to entertain – character development has no business here. We have been given a few werewolf films in recent year, like Late Phases, Game of Werewolves, and Wer, and while they were silly at times they don’t top the antics seen in Wolfcop. If you are looking for a boozing werewolf who fights crime in his corrupt little town then look no further.

Sheriff’s Deputy Lou Garou has watched his sleepy town of Woodhaven lose itself to thugs, drug dealers, and degenerates of all fashions. Why is this? Because instead of fighting crime, Lou would rather warm the bar stool at the local tavern. When a routine call leaves him with a pentagram carved on his chest and a transformation pulsing through his veins, Lou must now do some actual police work to find out who turned him into a werewolf…and why.

Writer/director Lowell Dean struck gold not just by giving us a Wolfcop, but an alcoholic one. Waking up late and arresting literally no one, his work ethic makes him the worst cop imaginable. When local gun shop owner Willie Higgins tells Lou that he believes the town’s neighborhood pets are disappearing as a result of a cult that meets in the woods, he brushes him off as his usually looney self. At the 12 minute mark, Lou learns the hard way that Willie was quite right. Lou wakes up and realizes that his senses have strengthened and that his facial hair grows back as soon as it is shaved. He isn’t quite sure what is happening with his body, but the transformation, which starts as his penis while he is urinating in the local bar, proves exactly what is going on. The first act moves fast and by the 22 minute mark we have our first look at the werewolf, and I must say that the transformation is one of my favorites of the last decade. For a transformation to start at the man’s penis…that’s just incredible and reminiscent of zany films like Adam Green’s Hatchet.

Much like Hatchet…the violence is everywhere. It is truly awesome to see a werewolf stopping convenience store robberies while donning the uniform of a sheriff’s deputy. This is even more awesome when you see him take a few swigs of whiskey before AND after laying down the law. The madness doesn’t stop there though. When he’s not ripping off faces (a common occurrence) he’s banging hot chicks at the station. Dean’s story is entirely fun and games. There is something really wrong going on in Woodhaven, and Lou must team up with the town’s only other deputy, Tina, if he wants to get to the bottom of it. Of course, the story can’t stay serious for very long.
Dean’s direction was fun and a big improvement over his previous film, 13 Eerie. His execution of the transformation scenes was amazing, and nothing will top how outlandish the first one was – full frontal penis and all. He provided live-action effects for the kills and transformations, focusing the budget on the right elements and giving CGI a kick to the face. Leo Fafard did a solid job as Wolfcop, which is his first lead acting role. I dug his “no f*cks given” attitude, which was present when he was a boozing loser to when he was a boozing lycan laying waste to the town’s degenerate scum. Dean’s execution of the flick left me laughing on numerous occasions. The sex scene was crazy, the penis transformation was maniacal, but the scene that had me laughing the most was when Wolfcop answered the phone at the station as…Wolfcop. You can’t understand a word he’s saying, and it was that extremely silly that had this 29 year old laughing my ass off. Is there anything I don’t like about the film? Oh yeah. I didn’t like that too many of the kills occurred off-screen and the overall story was pretty weak. However, it’s like I mentioned earlier – the story is only a template for the direction to do the entertaining.

Overall, Wolfcop is a fun flick that makes for a solid beer and wings night with friends. It does have its faults but they are overshadowed by some crazy scenes that you will not soon forget.

Rating: 7/10

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