Lost Voyage – 5

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Director – Christian McIntire

Cast – Judd Nelson, Janet Gunn, Lance Henriksen, Jeff Kober, Scarlett Chorvat, Richard Gunn, Mark Sheppard, Ray Laska

Release Year – 2001

Reviewed by John of the Dead

I remember renting this TV movie back in 2001 from a local rental store and found it to be an OK watch thanks to its atmosphere.  I have always been fans of stranded-at-sea horror films because they provide a nice nowhere-to-run scenarios, PLUS this film gives us the infamous Lance Henriksen in a strong supporting role.  Because this is merely a TV movie, it has only so much(very little) potential to be a good horror film, and it shows.

“Lost Voyage” stars Judd Nelson as Aaron Roberts, a paranormal scientist who’s lost father and step-mother over 20 years ago when their voyage aboard the SS Corona Queen went sour.  What happened?  Simply put, the SS Corona Queen went missing and never returned…until now.  He is contacted by a paranormal news outlet to join them and a rogue salvager in boarding the mysterious ship, before the Coast Guard makes it to the ship the next morning and claims it as their property.  The weather is bad, but the group makes it to the ship and finds it in remarkable condition for a ship said to have vanished over 20 years ago.  Soon after boarding they come into contact with mysterious forces within the ship, and with nowhere to run until their helicopter makes its way back to them…the body count rises.

Right from the beginning you can tell that this film is going to be a low-budget TV effort, but thankfully this is a Rated-R film in its fullest form, so we get some OK elements thrown in to combat that.  The story is one that has been done many times prior, but one that I still enjoy just because of its creep-factor alone.  Think about it, would YOU willingly accept an offer to be among the first group of people to board a ship that disappeared over two decades ago, without assistance from anyone other than the people you are boarding with?  I will assume maybe 1/100 hands were raised to that question.  So first off this flick excels in the area of plot thanks to that, but everything else that goes on in this film is mediocre and in most scenes, poorly executed.

We get no positive scares in this film as all of the scares come off cheezy, cliché, and under executed.  Director Christian McIntire did a poor job utilizing his awesome gloomy sets he acquired for this film, and it shows the guy really blew it with this flick.  This could have been one of those surprisingly good TV movies such as John Carpenter’s Someone’s Watching Me!, but instead just comes off as a flick you will find on the Sci-Fi channel on a Thursday night.  The acting performances were sub-par as well, even from veteran TV actor Judd Nelson.  The only likeable acting performance in my opinion was that of Lance Henriksen, who seemed a bit “lost” with his performance as well, something we seldom see from such a great actor.

Let us not put all of the blame on Mr. McIntire for this one, his co-writers gave him no help in making this a good watch thanks to the piss-poor dialogue and needless scenes that this film could have done away with.  To make things worse, it seems to me that these writers just could not satisfy themselves with their poor talents and had to throw in a pathetic ending to put the feces(not icing) on the cake.

Overall, this is a really mediocre watch that I would not recommend even for those of you who scare easily.  This flick comes with much potential but falls short due to bad execution, among other things.

Rating: 5/10

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