Darkness Falls – 4

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Director – Jonathan Liebesman

Cast – Chaney Kley, Emma Caulfield, Lee Cormie, Grant Piro, Sullivan Stapleton, Steve Mouzakis, Peter Curtin, Kestie Morassi, Jenny Lovell

Release Year – 2003

Reviewed by John of the Dead

This is a flick I remember checking out back in 2003 when it first debuted, but I never wound up finishing the watch.  Well, after hearing tons of bad buzz about this flick over the years I decided to give it a full watch and make my own opinion about the film.  I must unfortunately yet unsurprisingly report that this film turned out to be a dud.  While this flick gives us an engaging storyline that pretty much every person in Western civilization can refer to, it loses steam after the opening sequence and not only never recovers, but in fact gets worse as the runtime progresses.

In the town of Darkness Falls a vengeful woman’s spirit has taken the form of the Tooth Fairy after she was hanged mistakenly by the town over a crime she never committed.  By the time the townsfolk learned she was innocent she was already dead, and they buried her and their dark secret.  Her spirit now exacts her vengeance on the children of the town on the night they loose their last tooth, and Kyle Walsh(Chaney Kley) has been the only person to ever survive the attack.  It is now 12 years later and Kyle is drawn back to the town when an old friend contacts him for help.  Unfortunately for Kyle, this “help” must come in the form of him returning to the town and killing the vengeful spirit he escaped as a child, an experience that has tormented him for the last 12 years.

For starters, I found it interesting that we were given a horror film that focused on the Tooth Fairy.  Everyone who reads this has to have heard of the Tooth Fairy, and most likely even received a quarter or a condom for a tooth back in your developmental days.  I can honestly say that I have never seen another film that uses the Tooth Fairy as an antagonist, and although it does some a bit silly it is still creative in its own right, and I liked that.  I was really disappointed to see that this film was an utterly bad watch after its awesome and quite creepy opening sequence.  I thought to myself “Hm…maybe this won’t be so bad afterall, maybe I can find some positives in this flick”, and…I was pretty wrong for the most part.  From then on out the flick became quite silly, and all elements of acting, direction, and writing became worse.

This combo of director Jonathan Liebesman and writer John Fasano will hopefully never come together again after the needless scenes and horrible dialogue we were forced to endure.  Sure the bad actors didn’t help the situation, but even a bad actor can be pestered into a decent performance…as long as they have mediocre lines and not the crap Fasano wrote for them.  For a rated R feature we really don’t get much gore in this film, which really surprised me.  It shows the lack of knowledge for this genre that Jonathan Liebesman has.  Honestly, when you see rated R in a horror film, are you expecting gore, nudity, or language?  Personally, I expect gore, probably nudity, and then language.  Well, in this film all we get is language, if anything.  Pathetic…I know.  The look of the Tooth Fairy was decent, but Liebesman’s use of her was sub-par and consisted of cheap scares and crappy editing.  Oh well, I knew this coming in.

Overall, this is a sub-par watch that I would not recommend be viewed unless you wish to torture your in-laws by putting this on while they wait for you to finish BBQing.  Other than that, stay away from this one.

Rating: 4/10

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