Botched – 7

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Director – Kit Ryan

Cast – Stephen Dorff, Alan Smyth, Sean Pertwee, Jamie Foreman, Russell Smith, Bronagh Gallagher, Norma Sheahan, Gene Rooney, Jaime Murray, Hugh O’Connor, Geoff Bell, Zak Maguire

Release Year – 2007

Reviewed by John of the Dead

This is a flick I came across back when it first debuted in 2007 and I found it to be a fun and enjoyable watch.  Due to the massive number of ridiculous horror/comedies releasing these last few years, I can see why this film was overlooked and did not get the attention it deserved from the horror realm.  More of a dark comedy than the usual “Scary Movie”-esque horror comedies, this film blends great gore with chuckle-inducing humor.  Once this film catches on a bit more I can see it deemed a classic “beer and wings night” flick.

“Botched” stars Stephen Dorff(FeardotCom) as Richie, a professional thief in deep debt to the Russian mob.  After his recent failure at paying off his debt, the mob boss gives him one more chance to redeem himself…or be killed.  His mission: retrieve an ancient golden cross locked in a safe on the top penthouse floor of a Moscow skyscraper.  His dim-witted associates sent to help him do little to help the situation, but things get worse when the thieves get caught…by someone other than the authorities.  The owner of the cross sends the group on a blood soaked scamper throughout the penthouse floor in their attempt to stay alive amidst the ever-increasing chaos around them.

After two years since my initial viewing of this flick, I still found “Botched” to be as enjoyable now as it was back then.  We do not see the “heist” scenario used much in the horror realm and I honestly cannot see why it is not employed more often.  For starters, the heist scenario is already a high intensity scenario, and is only made all-the-more awesome when a nice element of horror is incorporated.  We are thrown for a loop when the first element of horror is thrown in this film because it seemingly comes out of nowhere, a nice invigorating touch that I heavily enjoyed.  From then on out the mystery element is used perfectly until we see exactly what is going on, which is something the viewer would never see coming.

The comedy in this film left me laughing aloud a few times, simply because of how ridiculous it was.  No, it is not that overly silly type of humor but one that plays on the mindset of the victims and how they can be thinking such things in such a dire situation.  However, there are in fact a few elements of silly comedy thrown in, which of course appeased me as well since these scenes were short and executed perfectly.  We get plenty of gore thrown in this film, which was also used to the utmost comedic ability in the darkest of ways.  Heh.

Now onto the real star of this film…the antagonist.  For one, I never saw it coming.  I will not go into detail over the killer in this film, but I can honestly say if you go into this film “blind” as I first did(without reading other spoiler-filled reviews) then you should be in for a treat.  Whether you like the antagonist or not, you should be able to appreciate the fact that you were thrown for a loop when he appeared.  Plus, the gives us some pretty sweet kills so what more could you ask for?

Overall, this is a fun watch that I recommend to those who would like to see a fun and gory horror/comedy that gets both elements right.  Don’t take this one too seriously, just sit back and enjoy.

Rating: 7/10


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