Death of a Ghost Hunter – 5

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Director – Sean Tretta

Cast – Patti Tindall, Davina Joy, Mike Marsh, William McMinn, Lindsay Page

Release Year – 2007

Reviewed by John of the Dead

I had heard of this low-budget film from a few friends of mine, and for the most part heard positive remarks about it.  Regardless, the title alone had me interested given my love for ghost/haunting films.  Told in an interesting narrative format, this film was a fresh idea in a convoluted field that unfortunately fell very short of my expectations.

This film follows renowned ghost hunter Carter Sims(Patti Tindall) who is offered $5,000 dollars from a young TV producer to investigate a home he inherited.  The catch?  The home belonged to his uncle, a minister, who’s entire family was murdered under suspicious circumstances.  Carter is reluctant at first, but the $5,000 for a few days of work is too good of a deal to pass up, and takes the offer.  Joined by a local reporter, a cameraman, and a spiritual advocate hired by the dead minister’s church, Carter embarks on a journey of terror she highly underestimated.

Right from the beginning I was hooked.  The development during the first act is amazingly well done, especially when considering how low-budget this film is.  This does not even quality as a B-movie in my opinion, but more of a C-movie if anything.  I liked the strong use of narration during the first act.  It set the tempo, the feel, and aided in selling the film to me(at first).  The setting is great, and it aids this film’s pacing by sucking in the viewer to the dark and gloomy home.  You know I love creepy atmospheres, and this one succeeds in that area.  Unfortunately, the good ends there.

Once the film actually gets going with the “horror” it takes a turn for the worst.  I try not to judge films on their budget because these low-budget films suffer a strong disadvantage to films with more cash to throw around.  The reason I am balking at this film’s scare scenes is not the quality of the ghosts(I expected them to look the way they did), but what the filmmakers had the ghosts doing.  None of their actions or mannerisms were even remotely scary, except for possibly the first sighting.  What could have turned into a great low-budget film turned into a mediocre low-budget film that suffered not at the hands of low funds but low creativity.  I really do not understand how this film turned out the way it did.  It was as if the filmmakers did not realize they had such an awesome first act going and decided to bombard us with cheap scares and poor writing.  I could go on about the poor acting, but with these types of films that should be assumed.

Overall, this is a mediocre low-budget film that had a lot of potential but collapsed after the first act.  Give this a watch only if you feel you can better appreciate this film than I did.  Otherwise, stay away from this one.

Rating: 5/10


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