Darkness: The Vampire Version – 6

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Director – Leif Jonker

Cast – Gary Miller, Michael Gisick, Randall Aviks, Cena Donham, Steve Brown, Lisa Franz, Bill Hooper, Christopher Owen Michael, Jake Euker

Release Year – 1993

Reviewed by John of the Dead

This is yet another cheezy and very gory film recommended to me by my horror twin, Trae of the Dead.  I heard throughout the horror community that this film is one of the goriest ever made, and honestly…I must agree.  A gory vampire movie?  Yes, that is right.  Normally these vampire flicks learn more toward the love side than the blood and guts side, but not this flick.  This flick…is special.

It is just like any other night in this small town for Tobe until a blood soaked man runs into the convenience store Tobe is in screaming that they are all going to die.  Soon enough, all of the store’s patrons are killed, yet Tobe escapes.  Tobe, armed with a shotgun and Holy Water, makes his way through the mangled bodies scattered about his town.  A bloodthirsty sect of vampires have attacked his town, rapidly turning the un-dismembered townsfolk into fellow vampires.  He meets a few survivors in his quest to stay alive, and they group together to not only survive the vampire onslaught, but to defeat the king of the vampires, Liven.

Wow, I have seen low-budget slasher films and low-budget zombie films, but a low-budget vampire film?  That was new to me.  If you enjoyed the low-budget look of “The Dead Next Door”, then consider this film the vampire equivalent.  Writer/director Leif Jonker made a bit of a cult name for himself, which has been ever-more solidified due to this still being his only film thus far.  His direction in this film is pretty cool, he gives us a lot of what we horror fans crave so much.  We get some amazing gore accompanied by some very awesome kills.  It is surprising Mr. Jonker was able to do what he did with such a low budget, but hey, when you have a low budget you have no choice but to get creative.  The end gore sequence has to be one of the most awesome scenes I have ever seen in a horror film, it screams “Dead Alive” with a heavy dose of “The Evil Dead”.  No joke.

Unfortunately for this film, the storyline is a joke.  Actually, I probably should not even state that this flick even has a storyline, because we really have no story at all.  The “story” has no order, and does not lead us anywhere as far as it’s characters nor the use of it’s vampires.  Some of you may have a huge problem with this, as I did, and some of you might look past it and just focus on the gore.  Normally, I forgive the plot woes of films like this, because I enjoy the effort it takes to make a film like this with such little resources.  But see, notice how I used the word “plot” in there, a film with a plot can be forgiven, one with out a plot, such as this film, cannot.  I do enjoy this film, but had this flick shown me a decent plot then it’s rating would be much higher.  Hell, if this film had a good plot it would be regarded by me as one of the best horror films of all time.

Overall, this is a cool and gory watch that I recommend to fans of gorehound cinema.  This is one of the coolest vampire flicks I’ve seen, mainly because it does not focus on the usual vampire drama and gives us some down and dirty vampire action.  If you can forgive this film’s plot problems then I cannot see you not enjoying this film.

Rating: 6/10

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