Dance of the Dead – 9

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Director – Gregg Bishop

Cast – Jared Kusnitz, Greyson Chadwick, Chandler Darby, Carissa Capobianco, Randy McDowell, Michael V. Mammoliti, Mark Lynch, Justin Welborn, Mark Oliver, Blair Redford, Lucas Till

Release Year – 2008

Reviewed by John of the Dead

I had been meaning to watch this flick for quite some time, but always put it off for other films given this film’s obvious teen element, which usually does not appeal to me if not done properly.  Well thankfully, this film’s teen element was expertly executed, and provided to be one of the absolute coolest zombie films I have EVER seen.  We all remember what the high school prom was like, whether we enjoyed it or not.  Regardless of how your prom and high school days went down, I think we can all agree that some intense zombie killing on prom night would have made up for not getting laid.  Agreed?

This flick stars Jared Kusnitz(who starred in “Otis”) as Jimmy, a smart-mouthed loser with absolutely no cool friends, a job as a pizza delivery boy(“Otis” anyone?), and thanks to his ever-silly attitude…no date to the prom.  His former date, Lindsey(Greyson Chadwick) has decided to go with the president of Student Counsel and president of jackasses everywhere, Mitch(J. Jacob Adelman).  Just before the prom is set to kick off, a hoard of vicious zombies attack the town and all who dwell in it.  Because all of the “cool” people are at the dance, it is up to Jared the other losers with no dates to gather weapons they have no clue how to use, and save the day.

If I had known any better, I would have seen this film the very first chance I had.  I was completely blown away by how awesome this film turned out to be.  Being one who never really gave a damn about anything that went on in high school(I was in sports, however) the protagonists in this film obviously appealed to me.  I mean, seriously, how often in the zombie sub-genre must a town rely on a never-serious loser accompanied by the sci-fi club to save the day?  NEVER!  Yet this film gives us something we have never seen.  If you know me, you know I am all about being exposed to new, positive elements in this otherwise convoluted zombie sub-genre.  The kills were great, the gore was present, and the laughs were right on cue.

Director Gregg Bishop is still relatively a newcomer to the scene, although I am sure now he has completely solidified himself as one who is here to stay.  His previous film, the awesome indie flick “The Other Side” showed that this guy can do a hell of a lot with very little, and that speaks wonders in this genre.  His pacing in this film is great, with the viewer never left without anything to marvel at.  I was surprised at the humor in this film as well.  This wasn’t the typical poorly written teen comedy we get in films like “Miss March” and “The House Bunny”, but one that managed to be enjoyable, witty, yet still within the league of the mindset a normal 18 year old loser would be able to accomplish.  I must also applaud writer Joe Ballarini, who prior tot his film had no feature film writing experience.  Bravo!

Overall, this is an awesome watch that I recommend to all who have the opportunity to give this one a watch.  If you don’t have an opportunity, make one, you will not be disappointed.  This is one of the coolest zombie films I have ever seen, and that says something you brainless “Bub”s!

Rating: 9/10

– Infamous horror director Sam Raimi himself picked out this film to be distributed by his production company, Ghosthouse Underground.

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