Child’s Play 2 – 7

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Director – John Lafia

Cast – Alex Vincent, Jenny Agutter, Gerrit Graham, Christine Elise, Brad Dourif, Grace Zabriskie, Peter Haskell, Beth Grant, Greg Germann

Release Year – 1990

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Two years after the greatest killer doll film ever, “Child’s Play” was introduced to the horror scene, we were given a follow up film that lived up to the expectations all sequels are expected to meet.  Writer Don Mancini returned to pen this film and gave us Chucky fans plenty of thrills, chills, and kills.  Seriously, what more could you ask for?

This flick takes place a little while after the events of the first film.  The police department denied the Chucky story, while Andy Barclay’s mother stuck to the true story that Chucky was out to kill her son Andy.  Her statements left her committed to a mental institution, which forced Andy into foster care.  Eager to prove to the public and their shareholders that the Chucky dolls are not demon possessed, the Good Guy doll company reconstructs the Chucky doll that was destroyed in the first film, which brought Charles Lee Ray’s soul back into the body.  After a few Good Guy doll employee deaths, Chucky is now on the loose and manages to track down the foster home Andy has been assigned to.  Andy must now battle his naïve foster parents, and enlist the help of his foster sister if he plans to keep his soul to himself, and away from Chucky’s grasp.

Once again, we get a sequel that is able to take off right away thanks to it’s predecessor developing the story.  Within the first few minutes of this film we get some pretty cool Chucky action, which is probably what I enjoyed most about this film…Chucky action!  I feel that Chucky had a lot more screen time in this flick, and although this had a bit more of a black comedy feel to it, we still get some pretty creepy scenes(the long basement scene being my favorite).  Although the film’s story pretty much follows the same overall plot as the first film(Chucky trying to transfer his soul to Andy’s body), all of the different elements thrown in make it an enjoyable and non-boring watch.  The fact that he lives with a completely new family makes it even harder for him to convince them that Chucky is after him, and the foster home is actually quite creepy itself, which sets the perfect atmosphere for some great Chucky carnage.

What really did wonders for this film was it’s ending sequence at the Good Guy doll factory.  This was definitely the coolest section of the film, and it gave us plenty of “goods” to marvel at.  The factor was another great set for this film given it’s long and wide open atmosphere that consisted of thousands of Chucky dolls for Chucky to hide amongst.  We get some pretty sweet gore as well, including a scene that just bleeds “Ash” from “Evil Dead II“(You’ll know why the second you see it).  All of these different elements thrown into this flick allowed it to pace very well, holding my interest throughout the entire film.  Great writing and good direction really made this flick a positive watch, and turned what could have been a potentially bad sequel into one really enjoyable horror flick.

Overall, this is a fun watch that I recommend to all fans of killer doll films and the Chucky series.  The same feel from the first film is accompanied with some black humor as well as a lot gore.  Throwing in some very cool elements, this is a fresh breath in the killer doll sub-genre and should be a must watch for it’s fans.

Rating: 7/10

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