Deep Red – 9

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Director – Dario Argento

Cast – David Hemmings, Daria Nicolodi, Gabriele Labria, Macha Meril, Eros Pagni, Guiliana Calandra, Piero Mazzinghi, Glauco Mauri

Release Year – 1975

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Five years after the debut of his first film, “The Bird With The Crystal Plumage”, Dario Argento gave us his first true masterpiece, “Deep Red”.  This amazing giallo comes with a great story, excellent sound track, and of course…Argento’s amazing and never replicated direction and cinematography.

“Deep Red” follows a music teacher who one night witnesses the brutal murder of a well-known psychic.  He teams up with a local reporter to find the killer, and as the body count rises, realizes that the killer is much closer to him than he realizes, and wants to keep a horrible secret buried.

This is a landmark flick for it’s time.  Argento’s score and direction are amazing, and surprised me that this type of film quality came from a still somewhat lesser known director in 1975.  The storyline is a sweet one, as are all of Argento’s giallo flicks.  You never know what to expect from this guy, especially regarding his plot twists and creative elements.  This time I did not see the final twist coming, so bravo to Dario on that one.

His cinematography is excellent as well, and it seems that even before he became a very common name he was already using beautiful and break taking sets for his films.  Then again, he has the added benefit of filming in Rome, where beauty is on every street corner.  True to his nature, he throws in sweet kills and does not stray away from showing the goods, aka, the gore.

Although I really enjoyed this flick, I did find that this film had some pacing issues.  There were some scenes that were really unneeded as far as the story went, and it caused this film to drag a bit.  This flick is 2 hours and 6 minutes, if a film is going to be that long it cannot have needless scenes or the film will drag and the viewer will begin to lose interest.  That is just how it is.

Overall, this is an amazing film that I recommend to all fans of Dario, giallo, and Italian horror.  This flick is a masterpiece, so give it a watch.

Rating: 9/10

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