Shiver – 7

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Director – Isidro Ortiz

Cast – Junio Valverde, Blanca Suarez, Jimmy Barnatan, Mar Sodupe, Francesc Orella

Release Year – 2008

Reviewed by John of the Dead

I’ve had many chances to view this Spanish horror film over the last few months but would always put it off over other films.  Well finally…I gave this a watch, and enjoyed it.  This flick manages to give us a pretty unique plot and has a surprisingly good creep factor as well.  Boy do I love it when flicks give me more than I expected.

Santi, a young high school student with a condition that does not let him come into contact with direct sunlight, is forced to move with his mother to the much quieter and less sunny countryside.  Soon after the move, terrible murders begin to take place, all around Santi.  As if being the new kid at school isn’t enough, he is not being questioned by the police about his involvement in the murders.  Do his eyes deceive him?  Or was there really a bloodthirsty creature that attacked those murdered around him?  The police don’t buy into it, but soon…they will.

Like I mentioned earlier…this flick really did surprise me.  The storyline was intriguing given our protagonist has a rare skin condition that can turn fatal if he steps in the sun.  I honestly had never seen that in a film regarding a non-vampire, so it added to the conflict in the plot.  Now I went into this flick “blind”, which means I watched it without knowing what it was about.  This turned out to be a good thing because I was utterly surprised and joyous when I saw that this flick was turning into a creature-oriented film, a GORY creature-oriented film.  The creature is pretty damn freaky, and the background we get on the creature as the film progresses is pretty interesting too.  The direction is positive, and the film does face some pacing problems, but they are resolved when we get the sweet creature kills and gore.

One complain I do have is that we did not get enough conflict regarding Santi and his skin condition.  The skin condition is the very reason they move, so naturally I expected to see more conflict scenes involving the condition.  It almost seems to me that it was used to get the attention of the viewer, and then discarded.  Oh well.

Overall, this is a positive flick that I recommend to those who would like to see an interesting, creature-oriented flick.

Rating: 7/10

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