Pieces – 7

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Director – Juan Piquer Simon

Cast – Chistopher George, Lynda Day George, Frank Brana, Edmund Purdom, Ian Sera, Paul L. Smith, Jack Taylor, Gerard Tichy, May Heatherly

Release Year – 1982

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Wow.  After hearing about this cheezy cult film through the horror community, I knew I had to check this flick out, and FAST.  Thanks to Netflix…I succeeded.  I was very impressed with this film and would like to once again thank Grindhouse Releasing for putting out another lesser known flick for us horror fans to marvel at.  If you want a film with lots of gore and that awesome grind house feel, “Pieces” is for you.

The film takes place on a college campus where many graphic and gruesome murders have begun to take place.  The killer prefers a chainsaw, and given his obsession with the jigsaw puzzle of a naked girl…it attempting to make his own puzzle out of real body parts!  The local law enforcement, realizing the panic that would ensue if more murders happened, makes a deal with the dean of the school.  An undercover officer is put on the faculty to give the police an extra eye on campus.  With the help of a virtuous student, the police force is now on the hunt for a powerful killer with no remorse and an obsession with making a gory mess.

I cannot stress how freakin awesome this film is.  I was really surprised that this flick was as good as it was.  I was expecting a fun and cheezy ride, but not a fun and cheezy ride that is actually a pretty GOOD flick!  Right from the get-go this film takes off with one of horror’s most awesome intros to date.  Speaking of shock-value, this film succeeds with flying colors.  This flick does what “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” failed to do, which was really show us UP CLOSE chainsaw kills.  Honestly, the kills were a lot more awesome than I expected.  Why don’t we get more chainsaw welding killers?!? Seriously!!!

Director Juan Piquer Simon found a career in the horror genre, and I can see why.  The guys has guts, simple as that.  His pacing in this film is well done, and the character performances were better than I expected.  The storyline is a simple one, but this flick is a simple flick, so it works.  I did like the storyline behind the killer, although we don’t get a whole lot of it.  I found the use of the puzzle interesting, and it made the killer’s goal of creating a human puzzle a lot cooler.  This flick comes with some pretty cool twists and turns as well, including a big twist at the end.

Overall, this is an awesome grind house flick that I recommend to fans of those types of flicks.  This one brings on the gore and shows guts in it’s usage.  Watch this if you can find it.

Rating: 7/10


  1. johnofthedead

    thanks man thanks. i really wish it would gain some more exposure but only to those who would truly appreciate it. of course, we can someday bet an American remake of “Pieces” will happen, unfortunately.

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