Nightbeast – 6

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Director – Don Dohler

Cast – Tom Griffith, Jamie Zemarel, Karin Kardian, George Stover, Don Leifert, Anne Frith, Eleanor Herman, Richard Dyszel

Release Year – 1982

Reviewed by John of the Dead

As one who LOVES “bad” movies, I absolutely had to see this flick.  Thanks to a recent year release by none other than “bad” movie moguls Troma Entertainment, I was able to view this 1982 nearly budget-less flick.

In this film an alien spacecraft suffers a collision with a meteor, forcing it to crash in a small Maryland town.  The alien onboard survives the crash and for alien-infused reasons, wreaks havoc on the town.  The town must rely on Sheriff Cinder(Tom Griffith) and his band of locals to fight off this bloodthirsty alien with a craving for human flesh.

I love creature features, and this low-budget flick gave me a pretty sweet creature and ensuing carnage to marvel at.  Writer/director Don Dohler threw in a great amount of gore for such a low-budget flick, proving his priorities are in place.  Keep in mind young filmmakers; when low on money…throw in gore; when working with a weak/horrible script…throw in gore.  It’s that simple.

So as you may have guessed…this film has a weak script.  The story is one we’ve seen a million times, and the dialogue and acting are horrendous.  So why do I enjoy this film?  It’s all about appreciation.  As a horror fan you develop the mindset to appreciate these types of flicks, and know the difference between a good “bad” film and a bad “bad” film.  For example: “The Toxic Avenger” is a good “bad” film, and “House of the Dead” is a bad “bad” film.  I appreciate the genre’s directors that do what they can with what little they have, and have the guts to put these films out fully aware they will receive harsh treatment from self-righteous critics.  Job well done Mr. Dohler.

Although this film comes with it’s excusable flaws(which I just mentioned), one flaw I did not forgive was the bisembowlment of the story at the end of the second act.  I don’t know what Mr. Dohler was thinking, but the scenes thrown in during that part of the film were ridiculous.  Now had they been executed right they could have been salvaged and turned into a positive ridiculous scene, but that was not the case with this flick.

Overall, this is a positive watch that I recommend to all fans of B-movie horror and Troma releases.  We get a pretty sweet looking creature with a thirst for massive amounts of gore.  What more can we ask for?

Rating: 6/10

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