Parasomnia – 6

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Director – William Malone

Cast – Dylan Purcell, Patrick Kilpatrick, Jeffrey Combes, Cherilyn Wilson, Timothy Bottoms

Release Year – 2008

Reviewed by John of the Dead

This film is William Malone’s baby. Written and directed by William Malone, this “Master of Horror”(:cough: bullsh*t) is the same man who gave us the mediocre “Feardotcom”, and the remake of “House On Haunted Hil“. While not a personal fan of his(he doesn’t really have fans…does he?) I believe this film to be his best effort so far. I was quite surprised at the originality in this film, and in all fairness…it is a masterpiece. This is not you typical masterpiece however, this “masterpiece” comes flawed, and unfortunately could have been much, MUCH better. Why would I call this film a masterpiece then speak of it’s flaws? Keep reading…

“Parasomnia” follows a young art student by the name of Danny Sloan. Upon visiting a buddy of his at a local psychiatric hospital(why are most artists crazy?) he notices a beautiful young girl on a hospital bed. Noticing right away that she looks healthy, unlike the others, he begins to fall for her as he wonders what could possibly be keeping her locked up in such a solemn establishment. Danny then learns that she suffers from a rare condition known as Parasomnia. Parasomnia, often referred to as “the Sleeping Beauty syndrome”, causes the person is asleep most of the time, only waking at random and unprovoked occasions. During one of his visits to the “sleeping beauty”, she awakens, and after actually interacting with her for once, he falls deeper in love with her. When realizing that a local sleep study center is adopting her in order to run experiments on her, he kidnaps her from the hospital and brings her home with him. This proves to be a costly mistake due to the fact that one of her fellow cohorts at the hospital, a serial killer who can infiltrate your dreams and hypnotize you, is also in love with her and is using her to kill all those around her until he can break free and spend eternity with her as well.

First off, I must applaud writer/director William Malone on doing such a superb job at bringing us horror fans an ORIGINAL horror film. In a day and age where it seems there is not much room for creativity in the horror realm, we still get original works that come in under the radar, and away from Hollywood’s evil hand. I can honestly say I have never come across another horror film with this type of plot, and although I did have a few problems with this film’s story, I enjoyed it’s creativity nonetheless.

My problems with the story is that it does get a bit convoluted at times, and pretty confusing. The general plot is easy to understand, but once the serial killer get’s involved, the elements he adds to the film’s plot really cause a mess. And no, this isn’t one of those complex plots that makes you “think” in a good way, this plot confuses you, in…the annoying way.

Aside from the issues with the plot, I really have no other complaints about this film. I LOVED the visuals in this film. William Malone’s gothic use of camera angles and dark cinematography, especially during the “dream” scenes, is epic! If you catch this flick, I wont be surprised if you are caught staring in amazement at the “band” scene towards the end. If you are a fan of Tim Burton’s work, this scene will definitely bring his name into your thoughts. I also loved the use of gore in this film. Mr. Malone definitely did not stray way from the use of blood, brain matter, and entrails in this film, and it really makes this film a fun watch. Given this flick is somewhat of a horror/romance film, I was not expecting to see this much gore. Can you imagine the smile on my face when I was witness to a guy get his insides knocked out the front of his body, holding onto them with a frail shred of hope? Hehe.

Overall, this is a positive film that had it’s plot been worked with a bit, could have been a fantastic film. If you want to see an original flick with some great visuals, give this one a shot.

Rating: 6/10

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