Masters of Horror: “Pelts” – 8

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Director – Dario Argento

Cast – Meat Loaf, Link Baker, Emilio Salituro, Elise Lew, Shawn Hall, Sylvesta Stuart, Ellen Ewusie, John Saxon, Michal Suchanek, Brenda McDonald

Release Year – 2006

Reviewed by John of the Dead

I was always very iffy about the Masters of Horror series, and whether or not it would be worth my time.  I like the idea of horror’s greatest directors putting out short films for the fans, but the lingering feeling that this was a cheap attempt by producers to make money haunted me.  I have heard negative reviews about a lot of the MOH flicks, but being a big fan of Italian horror maestro Dario Argento, I had to check out one of his additions to the series.  He has two entries as of now, Pelts and Jenifer.  The Jenifer poster looked pretty sweet, but it was the odd storyline of Pelts that won me over, and after viewing this flick I can honestly say that despite his recent film plunders…Dario Argento RULES!!!

This flick stars Meat Loaf, YES f*ckin MEAT LOAF, as a raunchy fur trader named Jake Feldman.  Mr. Feldman comes across the opportunity of a lifetime when he gets his hands on the most beautiful raccoon furs he has ever seen.  Ignoring the signs that the furs might be tarnished by powers beyond our realm, he embarks on creating the greatest fur coat of all time, which will bring him the wealth and power he desires.  Feldman is in for more than he bargained for, and his shady line of work is finally going to catch up with him.

I can honestly say that I have never seen nor heard of a horror film with a plot like this.  A horror film about the fur trade? Yeah, it’s a little odd but highly unique and I respect that.  The fact that this film had an odd plot yet still came out a very positive watch shows the great direction of Dario Argento.  The film paced perfectly, the score was amazing, the horror was real, and the gore…oh my the gore…was amazing.  Leave it to a real master of horror to put such a great amount of awesome live-action gore into a film just short of an hour in length.

The only thing that makes this film all the more cooler is that fact that f*ckin Meat Loaf is at the hands of this film’s goriest scene.  The scene is epic as it is and would be highly fulfilling regardless of who the actor was, but Meat Loaf going through such a crazy blood soaked scene…priceless.

Although I really liked this film’s original storyline, it suffers slightly because of this film being a short film.  We don’t get as much development into what caused the raccoon skins to be cursed, just subtle mentions of what it is here and there.  I won’t really take anything away from this film for that because you can only fit so much into a short story.

Overall, this is a fun watch that I highly recommend to those who want to see one of these Masters of Horror entries done right but a true master of horror.  Fans of Argento’s work and those who would like to see an original and gory story should check this out ASAP.

Rating: 8/10

– I ranked this film #6 of the 26 entries in my Ranking the “Masters of Horror” Entries post.

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