My Little Eye – 4

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Director – Marc Evans

Cast – Sean Cw Johnson, Kris Lemche, Stephen O’Reilly, Laura Regan, Jennifer Sky, Bradley Cooper, Nick Mennell

Release Year – 2002

Reviewed by John of the Dead

This is a film that I remember seeing way back in my high school days, and finally decided to review it after forgetting much of the details. The film follows 5 contestants in a reality-based “Big Brother” type show in which they must live in a house together for six months. If all 5 contestants last the entire six months then they win one million dollars, however if any person leaves during the duration of the show, then nobody wins anything. Despite some spats and differences, all is going well in the film until strange occurrences begin happening, and the contestants begin dying off one by one.

This film had an interesting concept in my opinion, at least for the time of it’s release(back on 2002). Since then we have seen quite a few horror films use the “reality show” theme, but I do remember this film being one of the first along with Halloween: Resurrection, which also came out in 2002.

The beginning of the film really had me interested and glued to the television. The choppy editing and zooming in and out of cameras actually came off quite creepy, giving you the feeling that this show has some very evil motives. The atmosphere for this film could not have been much better. The show takes place in an isolated home in the middle of nowhere during the dead of winter. Nobody is around, and the contestants get their food and supplies dropped off to them at their doorstep in the middle of the night. What I really enjoyed about this plot was that by the time we are thrown into the story, the contestants are already entering their sixth month of the show. We do not have to go through the introductions and all that stuff and I found that to be a fresh idea. That aspect also adds to the conflict of the film given that if any person leaves, nobody gets the money. As more and more creepy things and sounds begin to happen around the home, some of the contestants contemplate leaving, which provides a bit of conflict for those who want the money, and see the others as “over-exaggerating”. I also really enjoyed the burning question that you are left with throughout nearly the entire film…”Is there someone really out there doing these things? Or is the “company” behind the show behind all of this?”.

My Little Eye is one of those films that has a lot of potential due to it’s story and plot, but just really screws all of that up with it’s direction. I felt that the film paced a bit slow, and this was intensified due to the film’s weak score, or lack thereof. We were also not given any likeable characters, which I felt leaves you a bit emotionless throughout most of the film. However we were definitely given some UNlikeable characters, but without a contrast to that the film simply does not move you enough. One of the only plusses as far as characters in this film would have to be Midnight Meat Train star Bradley Cooper’s role in this film. He definitely brought in some good suspense as you wonder about his origin, and then gave us some major hints as the to alterior motives for the show. This was also right after his role in the hilarious(and underrated) film Wet Hot American Summer. Aside from his character, the only positive note about the second half would have to be the ending, which I found a tad bit silly at times, but overall it was quite enjoyable.

Overall, this is another one of those low budget films that had all the right ingredients to be a good film, but just suffers from bad direction. Don’t waste money on this one.

Rating: 4/10

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