My Bloody Valentine(2009 Remake) – 7

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Director – Patrick Lussier

Cast – Jensen Ackles, Jamie King, Kerr Smith, Betsy Rue, Edi Gathegi, Tom Atkins, Kevin Tighe, Megan Boon, Karen Baum

Release Year – 2009

Reviewed by John of the Dead

This film is a modern day remake of the infamous 1981 slasher flick “My Blood Valentine”, which is considered to be one of the goriest, most brutal slasher flicks ever(referring to the original “uncut“ version of course). This remake follows the original for the most part, with just a few different changes in the plot. The film begins with a cave in at a local mine shaft that traps 6 miners. When the miners are finally rescued, only one has survived(although he is in a coma), and the other five seem to have been killed with a pickax. Media outlets soon begin accusing the survivor, Harry Warden, of killing the others to spare himself more oxygen in the collapsed mine. He then wakes up from his coma, on Valentines day, and after having flashbacks of the horrible ordeal in the mineshaft he then begins a murderous rampage that leaves 22 people dead. Fast forward 10 years later and Valentine’s day is here, which is also the anniversary of the Harry Warden killings. Our main character(and one of the view survivors of the attack 10 years ago), Tom, has arrived into town to sell the mine, which was owned by his father who is now passed away. Unfortunately for Tom, it seems the murderous psychopath from 10 years ago is back for revenge on the townspeople, whom he blames for the mine collapse that ruined his life. Because there is no evidence to support that Harry Warden is even still alive, Tom finds himself the prime suspect of these murders, while also trying not to be a victim of this murderer as well!

I found this film to be a pretty cool remake. It definitely paid homage to the awesome gore from the first film, which you will notice right away at the beginning when things get going. This film is fast paced, and keeps your attention throughout the film, never slowing down enough for you to lose interest. I give props to director Patrick Lussier for that accomplishment, especially since he really has no great directing jobs prior to this(“White Noise 2” and “Dracula 2000”). The story itself is an interesting one, which keeps us guessing as to who the killer is all the way until the shocking climax of the film. I also really enjoyed the atmosphere of this film. The fact that the entire last sequence takes place in the mine shaft really appealed to me, as I am always a fan of people being trapped in a dark area with nowhere to run. I also loved the homage to the original with the killer slowly walking toward them knocking out the lights with his pickax. Classic!

Although I really enjoyed this film, and the gore it brought with it…I really did not dig the twist ending toward the end. Sure I had only half of the twist correct, I felt that this twist ending was a bit too much for me to believe and found it quite silly. Also some of the acting by our lead(Jensen Ackles)  was a bit questionable at times, but what can you expect from a remake of a cheesy 80s film? Plus the epic Tom Atkins and his constant superb acting made up for whatever negative acting came from his co-stars in this film.

Overall, you should definitely check this film out if you are a fan of the original, its always fun to sit and compare. Even if you have never seen the original and have no clue what its about, I’m sure you will still find this flick enjoyable and entertaining to watch.

Rating: 7/10

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