Leprechaun – 8

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Director – Mark Jones

Cast – Warwick Davis, Jennifer Aniston, Ken Olandt, Mark Holton, Robert Hy Gorman, Shay Duffin

Release Year – 1993

Reviewed by John of the Dead

I am so glad I was able to watch this film again. Leprechaun was one of my favorite films growing up and after not seeing it for…oh…10 years it still brings back some fond memories.

An older man named Dan O’Grady manages to somehow steal a leprechaun’s gold and bring it back to his home in the US. He hides the gold one night to keep it safe so that he can cash it in the next morning. Unfortunately for Mr. O’Grady, the leprechaun he stole from has tracked him back home and wants his damn gold back! Lucky Mr. O’Grady is a smart man and carries with him the only thing that can hinder a leprechaun’s power…a fourth leafed clover. He manages to lock the leprechaun up in his basement but sadly suffers a stroke and is never able to get his gold. Fast forward ten years later and J.D and his spoiled “city girl” daughter are moving into the old O’Grady house, which has since been put on the market by his estate. One of their bonehead painters hired to fix up the place accidentally moves the four leafed clover that was keeping the leprechaun at bay. Now that he is loose, the leprechaun is out for revenge and will kill anyone in his way to get his gold back. As if things could not get any worse, the workers find the stashed gold and keep in it their possession until they can cash it, putting Tory and the rest of the gang in serious danger at the hands of the wee little(I had to say it) leprechaun.

The idea of a freakin LEPRECHAUN as the antagonist of the film is freakin genius and a classic move by writer/director Mark Jones. He seems to have a knack for using quirky characters in funny ways given his other films “Triloquist” and “Rumpelstiltskin”, which are silly as hell. This film gets some of it’s promotion due to the fact that this is Jennifer Aniston’s first feature film. Weird huh? She is however not the only A-List celebrity to get their film start in a horror film. Johnny Depp made his film debut in “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and Kevin Bacon got his start in “Friday the 13th”. This could have only been even more epic if both Johnny Depp and Kevin Bacon had cameos in “Freddy vs. Jason”. Hehe.

Although this film can be quite cheesy and silly, I really enjoyed it and found it to be a very fun watch. This film is HILARIOUS and the Leprechaun action gives nothing much “laugh a minute” laughs. One of my favorite scenes would have to be when we see Leprechaun eating some Lucky Charms, damn did I laugh! The look and movements of the Leprechaun is classic and had me cracking up nearly every time I saw him run. Fun Fact: the man who plays Leprechaun, Warwick Davis, got his big break as Wicket W. Warrick in the epic film “Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi”! He went on to reprise his role as Wicket W. Warrick in the two Ewok spinoffs “The Ewok Adventure” and “Ewok: The Battle for Endor”.

The characters in this film were quirky as well and added whatever comic relief Leprechaun failed to add. Jennifer Aniston honestly looked amazingly hot in this film(I never thought she was hot EVER) and portrayed her role as the spoiled city girl very well. But screw that, the star of this film is freakin Leprechaun! One of the greatest and most well known horror antagonists of all time.

I don’t have much to knock against this film other than the typical cheesy horror flick faults like shotty editing, mediocre special effects and what I like to call “Troma dubbing” which we see a bit of during Leprechaun’s scenes. Fortunately for this film and writer/director Mark Jones, I was laughing way too hard to let any of that stuff get to me.

Overall, this is an awesome cult classic that I recommend to all horror fans who want to sit back and have a good time watching a flick.

Rating: 8/10
(I know I might get some disagreements with such a high rating but if you don’t like it go complain to Nancy Pelosi or something.)

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