Jason X – 4.5

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Director – James Isaac

Cast – Kane Hodder, Lexa Doig, Chuck Campbell, Lisa Ryder, Peter Mensah, Jonathan Potts, David Cronenberg

Release Year – 2001

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Of the twelve Jason Vorhees films so far, Jason X seems to get the most criticism from fans of the franchise, as well as horror fans in general. In all honesty, I cannot say I really blame them for feeling the way they do about this film. The idea of Jason Vorhees slashing sex crashed couples in space is quite outlandish when we are so used to seeing him hack up his victims in the Crystal Lake setting, and once in Manhattan. Unfortunately, with interest in the franchise losing momentum, producers decided they needed to do something “modern” with Jason, and we were given Jason X.

The film starts off around the year 2000 with Jason finally captured and being held at Crystal Lake Research Facility(fans immediately start laughing at this). Due to the fact that Jason simply cannot die, scientists figure the best solution for him is just to freeze him in a cryogenic tomb, forever. However, a greedy scientist(played by infamous horror director David Cronenberg!) decides to keep him from being frozen so that he can figure out how Jason simply regenerates damaged tissue, which would be a medical breakthrough. Unfortunately, this idea is ruined by Jason and he is not loose in the facility with our lead protagonist, Rowan. She is then able to trick Jason into the cryogenic chamber, but not without sacrificing herself as well, leaving them both frozen in the icy tomb.

Fast forward 455 years and the research ship “Grendel”(based on the monster coming from a lake that simply cannot be destroyed from the epic tale “Beowulf”) has made it’s way down to Earth(which is no longer able to sustain life) and stumbles upon the frozen Jason and Rowan while searching the Crystal Lake Research Facility. Due to the fact that the “Grendel” has 445 years worth of increased technology, they are able to bring both Jason and Rowan back to life. Bringing Rowan back to life has no regrets, but bringing back Jason Vorhees as well? Well…hehe…this is where the film really gets going.

This film, aside from being a silly concept, still kept true to most of the Friday the 13th statutes and is not as bad as most people say it is. If they tell you that this is one of the worst horror movies ever made, then they do not know their horror movies. Why? Because there are LOTS of horror movies so horrible, that I will not even give them the respect of mentioning their names in this review.

If there’s one good aspect about this film, it’s the amount of deaths that Jason delivered to us. Jason’s 28 victims in this movie were the most ever for any F13 film. I guess producers needed a way to distract us from all the other aspects of the film that were less than acceptable. Although some of these deaths were pretty neat(the face smashing scene is one of the most original F13 deaths to date), this was the first F13 film to use CGI during the death scenes. Tom Savini probably threw up when he first saw this film and how these filmmakers decided to stray away from the live action effects we are used to seeing Jason dish out.

Unfortunately, the F13 record for most deaths is about the only thing positive with this film. The dialogue in this film was HORRIBLE! Whoever wrote the script for this film really needs a swift d*ckslap to the face. Seriously. I found myself shaking my head multiple times at the ridiculous dialogue, which was compounded of course with horrible acting(the shitty script wasn’t enough to annoy us). How did Sean S. Cunningham, longtime producer for nearly half of the F13 series and also the director of the original Friday the 13th, even let this happen! Not only are we forced to listen to horrible dialogue as well as horrible acting, but the musical score for this film was really disgusting. And not in the good way! Aside from trying to give this film the feeling of a Star Wars flick towards the beginning of the film, we are forced to rape our eardrums with a soundtrack so bad even Panic at the Disco wouldn’t stoop this low. I will admit, although most will not agree with me, it was kind of cool to see Jason in the new suit towards the end of the film. I hope to never see him don that suit ever again, but the 25 or so minutes that he donned the space age suit was an interesting take that I guess only true fans would enjoy. It was a bit silly, but this film was meant to be entertaining, nothing more. As a diehard fan of Jason, I will watch anything involving him doing what he does. Whether he is in space, Manhattan, or in a flipping tootoo, I WILL WATCH!

Overall, unless you are a true, radical fan of the franchise that will watch anything involving Jason Vorhees, such as myself, you probably will not enjoy this film unless you are already in a very silly mood.

Rating: 4.5/10

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