I Am Legend – 7

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Director – Francis Lawrence

Cast – Will Smith, Alice Braga, Charlie Tahan, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Willow Smith, Darrell Foster, April Grace, Dash Mihok

Release Year – 2007

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Will Smith stars in this film as Dr. Robert Neville, a scientist immune to an incurable, man-made virus that managed to basically wipe out all of New York City, and the rest of the world as far as we know. For three years he has lived as the only known survivor in a walled up, self-fortified building searching for a cure using his own immune blood as a way to reverse the effects of the virus that has turned all the “infected” into vampire-like creatures that only exit out of their dwellings in the absence of sunlight. The infected wait in shadows watching, and scouting for Neville to make a mistake, which only reminds him that he is slowly running out of time.

I really liked the setting and atmosphere of this film. I loved how New York City looked 3 years after the release of the virus, with tall grass growing downtown and lions and deer running amuck on the streets. We even get to see Dr. Neville make an attempt at hunting deer in downtown New York City! I also loved the atmosphere of him being able to walk around freely in the sunlight, but having to wall himself up in his fortified building at night to avoid the “infected”. Pretty creepy stuff!

Note: This film has a “28 Days Later>” feel but it is actually a remake of the 1971 film “The Omega Man”, while also being a remake of the 1964 Vincent Price acted film “The Last Man on Earth”.

Now, as much as I enjoyed this movie, I have one MAJOR complaint! I HATED the CGI used in this film for the “infected” they did look pretty awesome the way they were designed, but they looked wayyy too fake to be even remotely scary. I highly believe that had this film used live action actors for the “infected” (like in “28 Days Later” and “The Descent“) then this film would have been much MUCH better! Seriously, shame on director Francis Lawrence(who also directed ‘Constantine”) for not pushing to have live action actors to play the infected, you really messed up!

Overall, this is a great film that I recommend you watch, and you will see what I mean about how much even more awesome this flick could be if they did away with all the CGI for the “infected”.

Rating: 7/10
Live action “infected” would have gotten this film an 9/10 for sure!

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