House on Haunted Hill – 8

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Director – William Castle

Cast – Vincent Price, Carol Ohmart, Richard Long, Alan Marshal, Elisha Cook Jr., Carolyn Craig, Julie Mitchum

Release Year – 1959

Reviewed by John of the Dead

This is an epic horror classic, starring classic horror film icon Vincent Price as an eccentric millionaire who has invited 5 guests to a party for his wife, a party…that they will never forget. The rules are simple, each guest who makes it though the night in the haunted house will receive 10,000 dollars, unless they die of course! The doors will be locked at midnight, the windows are barred, and the house has a very bad past.  This is no ordinary “haunted house” simply with ghosts flickering about, no, this house has previously seen 7 murders(including the murder of a guest’s sister). After socializing and getting to know each other a bit, some very strange things start happening in the house. And once the body count starts rising, these guests begin focusing less on the 10,000 dollars, and more on living through the night!

For starters, I absolutely loved the opening dialogue to this film. For some reason it seems these old school flicks always have such amazing dialogue compared to films nowadays. I also really enjoyed the score to this film. The music written is perfect for this film and the atmosphere it created, plus the sound effects are also incredibly simple yet very effective. Vincent Price’s performance is amazing as usual, and the twists in this film are sure to have you saying to yourself, “wow, I didn’t see that coming!”. And the scares? Well this 1959 film does an amazing job with a few of the scares. Keep an eye out for the “old lady” scare, its sure to give you a good spook!

There is very little I didn’t like about this film. Other than the lack of gore(which isn’t really expected for a 1959 film anyway) I really have no beef with any aspect of this film.

Overall, this is a definite watch if you want to see a classic horror film that is very, VERY good for it’s time.

Rating: 8/10

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