Grace – 4

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Director – Paul Solet

Cast – Jordan Ladd, Stephen Park, Gabrielle Rose, Serge Houde, Samantha Ferris, Kate Herriot

Release Year – 2009

Reviewed by John of the Dead

I remember being really stoked when I first read the plot for this film several months ago. My “stoked meter” only went higher when I viewed the trailer for this flick, making it one of my most anticipated films thus far for this year. Unfortunately, this film was a big letdown for me and I may have to scrub myself like a rape victim to get this film’s fowl remnants off me.

“Grace” borrows a bit of plot from the infamous(and highly superior “pregnant horror” flick) French horror film “Inside”. This film follows a couple who have a child on the way. After an accident leaves her without a husband and a dead baby inside, Madeline decides to carry the dead baby to term and honorably birth it anyway. Once the baby is born not only is breathing, but craves something a little stronger than mother’s milk.

Hell…where do I start? The story sucks. The direction sucks. Nothing interesting really happens. But I guess the acting was decent? Pfft!

This film was green lighted due to writer/director Paul Solet’s success with his short film which this film was based off of. Unfortunately I have not viewed the short film, so I am not able to compare the two for you. Now, I love the film’s plot, When I say the story sucks I mean everything added to the plot of a woman carrying a dead baby to term and it having a taste for blood. I really felt this film’s story could have been better written with much more interesting conflict and you know…something un-cliche actually happening. Guessing some of the events in this film were easier than guessing Elton John’s sexual orientation. And of course…as if things could not get any worse…the direction was awful. This film did have some moderate atmosphere with it’s dark and somber tone, which I found to be excellent given this mother’s grief over losing her husband and child. But that is about as positive as I am going to get with Solet’s direction. There was no real tension in the film. Some tension inducing camera angles, and a great score could have improved this film a bit but Mr. Solet decided to bore the viewer instead.

Is there anything positive to add about this film aside from it’s tone? Well…there was some decent gore. I can honestly admit I have never seen a baby’s bottle filled with flood or a mother’s teet with a nice chunk bitten out of it. Thanks for that Mr. Solet, it’s all I’m going to remember about this film, aside from it being a letdown.

Overall, this is a film I would not recommend to anyone unless you have nothing better to do(I’d rather wash dishes) or believe you may feel differently about this flick.

Rating: 4/10

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