Friday the 13th: A New Beginning – 4

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Director – Danny Steinmann

Cast – John Shepherd, Marco St. John, Shavar Ross, Caskey Swain, Jerry Pavlon, Corey Parker, Jere Fields, Tiffany Helm, Corey Feldman

Release Year – 1985

Reviewed by John of the Dead

This film unfortunately marked the very beginning of the decline of the F13 series. With the first four installments of the franchise very positive, Friday the 13th: A New Beginning was the first to really…well…suck. With Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter set to be the “final chapter” of the Jason Vorhees saga, Jason was subsequently brought back for another film. Now all of us Jason fans should find this to be an awesome idea right? Well…yes and no. Yes I’d love to be exposed to may more F13 films in the future, but NO I would not like to be exposed to F13 films if they SUCK! Do we blame director Danny Steinmann? Or maybe…writer David Cohen? To be honest…I’d say both. Why? Because not only does the story suck, but the direction sucks as well.

The story follows Tommy Jarvis, the kid(played by Corey Feldman) who “killed” Jason in epic fashion at the end of the previous film. Tommy is an adult now(hence why Corey does not play Tommy in this film other than in a flashback) and has yet to cope with the traumatic events that happened the night he “killed” Jason. He is sent to a halfway house so that he may learn to be integrated back to society, and overcome the delusions he has about Jason still out trying to kill him. Soon enough, the body count starts adding up, with the teens at the halfway house slowly being picked off by the man in the hockey mask(notice how I didn’t say “Jason”), and it is up to Tommy Jarvis to finally put an end to the figure who has put him through so much hell after that one fateful night so many years prior.

Personally, this is my least favorite of the F13 films. Heck, I even enjoyed Jason X more than I did this film. Haha! The biggest reason I did not like this film is one that I cannot explain due to the risk of spoilers. I will admit however, the aspect that I did not like about this film is pretty original for the F13 series, however I just did not like it, and found it to be quite silly and honestly a joke that it was even used in the first place. If you REALLY want to know, send me a personal message and I will tell you. Aside from that, I once again found the same fault in this film that I found in F13 Part 4, which is…not enough on-screen Jason! For one, nearly all of the kills are simply Jason’s hand stabbing, impaling, or doing something else to the victim. Not until the last 20 minutes of the movie do we actually get to see Jason with his mask on, and by that time there really are not any more characters for him to kill! I was highly let down by this due to the fact that it is so much scarier, and pleasing to SEE Jason perform his kills. I found myself really growing tired of only seeing his hands doing the killing, and being forced to annoying imagine how awesome he looks doing it. Speaking of kills…the kills in this film sucked! I only saw maybe two original kills in this film. The rest of the kills were simply Jason stabbing or impaling someone with his machete. This is made even more boring due to the fact that we do not actually get to SEE him do these boring kills. Maybe if we actually got to see him do the hacking then I would find these boring kills to be at least watchable. Unfortunately…the writer and director for this film decided to go in the wrong direction and lead us on a one-dimensional ride that features boring kills, boring characters, and silly cinematography on par with what 13 year olds post on YouTube. What a great way to “A New Beginning” for Jason Vorhees huh?

Overall, this is my least favorite installment of the F13 franchise. Only watch if you have seen all of the other F13 films and are left with no choice but to view this film to complete the series, or if you want to see an original take on the series that in the end just does not fare well.

Rating: 4/10

If I dislike this film so much…why does it get a 4 and not anything lower? Well…to be quite honest with you…I’ve seen MUCH worse. The problem with seeing so many films is that you can always think of something worse, which helps this film retain at least a tiny amount of dignity.

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