Dying Breed – 6

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Director – Jody Dwyer

Cast – Mirrah Foulkes, Leigh Whannell, Nathan Phillips, Melanie Vallejo, Billie Brown, Peter Docker, Brendan Donoghue

Release Year – 2008

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Here’s another film that I went into “blind” and actually wound up enjoying it!  This film revolves around 2 of the greatest fascinations with Tasmanian history, the Tasmanian Tiger and “The Pieman”. “The Pieman”, formerly known as Alexander Pearce, was hanged for cannibalism in 1824.  However before “The Pieman” was executed, he managed to start a bloodline of cannibals in the area in which the Tasmanian Tiger resides.  Nina, a zoologist, and a group of her friends(which include Leigh Whannell from “Saw”) are on a quest to find the ‘extinct” Tasmanian Tiger that her sister sent her a picture of before her untimely drowning death in the area.  After spending some time in a local township, they begin their search of the virtually unexplored wilderness nearby.  They soon run into trouble however during their search as they are now the hunted, and not the hunters they originally set out to be.

First off, the best thing this film has to offer is the gore.  There were some gore scenes in this film that literally made me LAUGH out loud. No joke. The scene of the “arrow through the cheek onto the tree” is still making me laugh! You’ll enjoy it.  This story is quite interesting, I’ve never seen a horror flick revolving around the extinct Tasmanian Tiger before, so this is a new feel for a horror flick.  It was also cool seeing Leigh Whannell acting again.  He was not only was a supporting actor in the film “Saw”, but he actually wrote the darn movie(Saw) as well!

There were a few things I really didn’t like about this movie, and they were all story-related.  There were a few somewhat confusing and not very well explained scenes in this movie.  Had they been explained(in the way I THINK they were meant) then this story would have truly rocked!  Lastly I did not like that we do not see very much of the main killer during his kills, all you will see are his arms tearing at his victims.

Overall, this is a decent watch that you should definitely check out if you are a fan of the TCM, Wrong Turn type movies with lots of nice gore and a crazy family living in the woods to go along with it.

Rating: 6

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