Dead and Breakfast – 6

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Director – Matthew Leutwyler

Cast – Ever Carradine, Bianca Lawson, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Erik Palladino, Jeremy Sisto, Gina Phillips, Brent David Fraser, David Carradine

Release Year – 2004

Reviewed by John of the Dead

This is a film I had been reading about for quite some time and I must have passed it 30 something times at the local rental stores before finally deciding to check it out today. I was expecting this film to be cool and fun to watch, and although it does have elements that make it pretty fun to watch, overall I was pretty disappointed.

This film follows two couples and two friends traveling in a camper on their way to a friend’s wedding. The driver of the group cant seem to follow directions right and they are forced to stop at a very small town called Lovelock and rent a room at the local bed and breakfast. They are greeted by the owner of the place named Mr. Wise(played by the now late David Corradine) and it is obvious the group are overstaying their welcome with their asshole tactics. Soon enough, the caretakers of the bed and breakfast are slaughtered and the group are material witnesses for the crime. Of course one of the idiot members of the group goes into Mr. Wise’s room and opens a box that they were told not to touch, unleashing a demon to the one who touched it. Now the possession spreads throughout the town and it is up to the remaining group members to join forces with any survivors they can find and fight off the possessed in the goriest ways possible.

From the beginning of the film I felt that it was going to be moderately enjoyable, and I could tell it was going to be quite gory right when you see the first kill. Sure enough, they film gets very gory, which I liked. Unfortunately, the film really does not get all that funny and fails to deliver on many levels. First off…the plot. The plot is a bit outlandish and honestly not all that interesting to be honest with  you. The “zombies” are cool, but the idea behind the demon and the curse really did not interest me and seemed quite silly. This film also uses a narrator for the film, who chooses to narrate the film to us with country songs. Some of the songs really were quite funny, and there was even a reference to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video with the zombies dancing and such. The songs to tend to get a little bit annoying, but who knows, I’m sure other people found it comical. This same type of horror narration also happens in the Bruce Campbell flick “My Name is Bruce”, except…well…My Name is Bruce is actually funny.

Aside from the plot and silly execution this film really is quite gory, and a treat to watch for us gorehounds. Hehe. I’ve heard of this film trying to go for an “Evil Dead II”/”Dead Alive” feel and well…I can agree with that. We see some pretty cool use of a chainsaw(with and Evil Dead poster in the background) as well as some makeshift shotguns made out of household tools. You know I love films where the protagonists use makeshift weapons! Much of the real humor in the film revolved around the gore and kill scenes. Our main antagonist in the film keeps the head of one of our main characters(spoiler I know…) and uses it as a puppet to mock our protagonists throughout the film! How freakin cool is that?!?

Overall, this is a somewhat enjoyable film that gorehounds and other horror buffs may find themselves liking. The film is a bit cheesy, but if you watch this with an open mind you may find some good in the film like I did.

Rating: 6/10

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