The Burrowers – 6

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Director – J. T. Petty

Cast – Karl Geary, Clancy Brown, Dough Hutchison, Laura Leighton, William Mapother, Sean Patrick Thomas

Release Year – 2008

Reviewed by John of the Dead

After noticing quite a bit of buzz surrounding this DTV film, I decided to finally give it a shot after constantly passing it over for other films. This film was actually first introduced back in 2007 as a tv series, and then remade by the same writer/director L.T. Petty as a full length feature film. This is the newest addition to the horror/western sub genre we havent seen too much of, which is always nice because it doesn’t get overdone.

The film follows a search party looking for a group of people they believe were abducted from their cabin by a tribe of lawless Native Americans. After following a trail left by the abductors that seems to lead to nowhere, they set up camp for the night before another long day of searching. However, what these cowboys don’t know is that this is no renegade Native American tribe, but a hoard of creatures that burrow beneath the ground, and come out at night to feed on the only food available out there…humans!

The plot to this film reminded me quite a bit of Tremors, except that these “burrowers” only come out at night. As an avid fan of westerns and the firearms cowboys used back then(Single Action Colts and Lever Action Rifles all in the infamous .45 Long Colt), I figured I’d enjoy this film quite a bit given that it incorporates two of my favorite genres, horrors and westerns. Although this film does deliver an interesting plot, and some really awesome looking creatures(the burrowers), I felt that this film was not executed properly, and left me for the most part…unsatisfied.

The scenes where we actually get to see interaction with the “burrowers” are awesome, and definitely play off the atmosphere of the old west where all that’s out there with you is high grass, and you never know what is lurking out there. The cinematography was great, and really put you in the old west “feel” thanks to the wide panning foreground shots by a director of photography who really knows his stuff. Aside from that, everything else in the film is a bit less than favorable. I felt the film dragged at times, even right after some intense scenes the film would just go right back into “drag” mode, which I blame the director for since he is in charge of pacing in the film. I also had a problem with the ending, sure some people are going to enjoy it naturally(to each their own!), but I felt that it was unsatisfying and could have been executed better. It wasn’t the idea of the ending that bothered me, it was the way it was introduced to us that bothered me. Oh! And if you do see this film…pay attention to the character John Clay, he is portrayed by Clancy Brown, who does the voice of “Mr. Krabs” in the tv show “Spongebob Squarepants”. Haha, why would I put these in here? Well I never in my life thought this guy would do a horror flick!

Overall, this is a decent flick if you are into horror/westerns, or cannot find anything else to rent at the video store. I doubt this film will leave you impressed, but it’s not horrible like a lot of other horror films out there.

Rating; 6/10

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