Blood & Chocolate – 6

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Director – Katja von Garnier

Cast – Agnes Bruckner, Hugh Dancy, Oliver Martinez, Katja Riemann, Bryan Dick, Chris Geere

Release Year – 2007

Reviewed by John of the Dead

This is a flick somewhat along the lines of the recent romantic vampire film “Twilight”, except Blood and Chocolate has to do with werewolves.  The film follows a pretty girl named “Vivian” who’s family of werewolves was gun down when she was a child by a group of hunters who found out their secret. She has since been living with her aunt and extended family in Romania, making sure to keep their deep dark secret…a secret. All is well until she meets a young graphic novelist named Aiden, who just so happens to be studying werewolf lore. As she begins to fall for this nice, understanding young man, she must decide if she is going to follow her werewolf family’s wishes, or will she break tradition and stay with Aiden, which could bring them both dire consequences.

Although this is more of a “romantic” type of horror flick, I did surprisingly find myself enjoying it once I got into the movie. I am not a fan of the “Twilight” series whatsoever, so I really did not think I would enjoy this. I loved the beauty of the transformation scenes in this flick. The music and cinematography during the scenes was definitely what set this film up to be a good one. I also liked the fact that we see some silver bullets in this movie. I am always a fan of guns, and seeing these guns be modified to kill werewolves just drew me in. Hehe. I also grew to like the notion that these were not the typical werewolves you see in horror flicks like An American Werewolf in London and Ginger Snaps. No, these werewolves simply transformed into…well…wolves! At first I was let down at them merely turning into wolves, but it would be being pretty cool to see the transformations into these wolves and watch the fight scenes involving them. Cool stuff.

I was a bit let down at the amount of action and gore of this movie. Although we see a decent amount of it, I felt that it wasn’t enough to really benefit a “werewolf” movie. Wolves are not bunny rabbits, the EAT bunny rabbits, therefore we should see some gore, am I right?  I also had problems with some of the dialogue in this film. The script could have been much better written in some parts and wound up just being cheesy, and not in the “romantic” type of cheesy, I mean…CHEESY!

Overall, this is a film that actually surprised me with how much I enjoyed it. Dudes, watch this with a lady to get her scared, yet all bubbly inside, and let me know the outcome of it. Cha-Ching!

Rating: 6/10

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