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Cat’s Eye – 7

In Cat's Eye - 7 by john

Director – Lewis Teague Cast – Drew Barrymore, James Woods, Alan King, Kenneth McMillan, Robert Hays, Candy Clark, James Naughton, Tony Munafo, Court Miller, Russell Horton, Patricia Benson, Mary D’Arcy Release Year – 1985 Reviewed by John of the Dead Cat’s Eye is the only Stephen King-based anthology I had yet to see. I loved the Creepshow efforts, and seeing …

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The Shallows – 7

In The Shallows - 7 by john

Director – Jaume Collet-Serra Cast – Blake Lively, Óscar Jaenada, Angelo Jose, Lozano Corzo, Jose Manual, Trujillo Salas, Brett Cullen, Sedona Legge, Pablo Calva, Diego Espejel Release Year – 2016 Reviewed by John of the Dead It has been 41 years since Jaws debuted and we’re still afraid of sharks in the ocean. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen too many good …

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The Purge: Election Year – 6

In The Purge: Election Year - 6 by john

Director – James DeMonaco Cast – Frank Grillo, Elizabeth Mitchell, Mykelti Williamson, Joseph Julian Soria, Betty Gabriel, Terry Serpico, Edwin Hodge, Kyle Secor, Ethan Phillips, Raymond J. Barry, Liza Colón-Zayas, Adam Cantor, Christopher James Baker, Jared Kemp Release Year – 2016 Reviewed by John of the Dead I was pretty excited to watch this after really enjoying its predecessor, The …

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Gargoyles (1972) – 7

In Gargoyles (1972) - 7 by john

Director – Bill Norton Cast – Cornel Wilde, Jennifer Salt, Grayson Hall, Bernie Casey, Scott Glenn, William Stevens, John Gruber, Woody Chambliss Release Year – 1972 Reviewed by John of the Dead For years I had been meaning to check out this TV movie but I always passed it over for other efforts. After updating my Netflix DVD queue I …

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The Editor – 7

In The Editor - 7 by john

Director – Adam Brooks, Matthew Kennedy Cast – Adam Brooks, Matthew Kennedy, Paz de la Huerta, Conor Sweeney, Udo Kier, Laurence R. Harvey, Samantha Hill, Kevin Anderson, Brett Donahue, Tristan Risk, Dan Bern, Sheila Campbell, Brent Neale Release Year – 2015 Reviewed by John of the Dead I absolutely loved Father’s Day, so I had to check one of the …

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A Christmas Horror Story – 5

In A Christmas Horror Story - 5 by john

Director – Grant Harvey, Steven Hoban, Brett Sullivan Cast – William Shatner, George Buza, Rob Archer, Zoé De Grand Maison, Alex Ozerov, Shannon Kook, Amy Forsyth, Jeff Clarke, Michelle Nolden, Adrian Holmes, Oluniké Adeliyi, Orion John, A.C. Peterson, Percy Hynes White, Corinne Conley, Julian Richings, Debra McCabe Release Year – 2015 Reviewed by John of the Dead Holiday horror is …

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Bloodsucking Bastards – 7

In Bloodsucking Bastards - 7 by john

Director – Brian James O’Connell Cast – Fran Kranz, Pedro Pascal, Joey Kern, Joel Murray, Emma Fitzpatrick, Yvette Yates, Justin Ware, Marshall Givens, David F. Park, Neil W. Garguilo, Parvesh Cheena Release Year – 2015 Reviewed by John of the Dead Y’all are going to murder me for this, but I missed out on screening this flick at 2015’s Texas …

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The Conjuring 2 – 8

In The Conjuring 2 - 8 by john

Director – James Wan Cast – Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Madison Wolfe, Frances O’Connor, Lauren Esposito, Benjamin Haigh, Patrick McAuley, Simon McBurney, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Simon Delaney, Franka Potente, Bob Adrian, Robin Atkin Downes, Bonnie Aarons, Javier Botet Release Year – 2016 Reviewed by John of the Dead After saying he was done with the horror genre, James Wan passed …

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Witchboard – 7

In Witchboard - 7 by john

Director – Kevin Tenney Cast – Todd Allen, Tawny Kitaen, Stephen Nichols, Kathleen Wilhoite, Burke Byrnes, James W. Quinn, Rose Marie, Judy Tatum Release Year – 1987 Reviewed by John of the Dead Despite being a notable item of the horror realm, I have yet to see a film expertly use a ouija board to full potential. Many have tried, …

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Grizzly – 8

In Grizzly - 8 by john

Director – William Girdler Cast – Christopher George, Andrew Prine, Richard Jaeckel, Joan McCall, Joe Dorsey, Charles Kissinger, Kermit Echols, Tom Arcuragi, Victoria Johnson Release Year – 1976 Reviewed by John of the Dead I have loved these films for as long as I can remember. Killer sharks, orcas, snakes, dinosaurs, you name it – I have always enjoyed watching …